ARK Survival Evolved server

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ARK Survival Evolved server

Viesti Kirjoittaja Noutis » 20.06.2015 21:31

SERVER MOVED TO NEW HARDWARE AND ADDRESS. CHARACTERS AND WORLD WAS LOST(due to slack not transferring 30gb of server files,,,).

Server goes by the name PvPvE 4-6xgather GreenWheelServer
Admins that manage the server are noutis, Jamofox and Piparkakku.
Server ip: (changed 14.10.2015)
player slots 50

To contact me either come to IRC #Battlelokit @ Quakenet or by steam
and sometimes in Teamspeak
SERVERS CHANGED SETTINGS (everything else is default)
difficulty 1.0
XPmultiplier= 5x
EggHatchSpeedMultiplier= 3
MatingIntervalMultiplier= 3
BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier= 3.5
NightTimeSpeedScale= 1.3 (nights go faster)
DaytimeSpeedScale= 0.7 (daytime goes slower)
TamingSpeedMultiplier= 6
HarvestAmountMultiplier= 6
global item decomp time= 2.0 (slower)
global corpse decomp time= 2.0 (slower)

ServerCrosshair ON
AllowThirdPersonPlayer ON
ShowMapPlayerLocation ON
PreventDownloadSurvivors ON
PreventDownloadItems ON
PreventDownloadDinos ON

Structures are protected every day 23:00-16:00 (11pm to 4pm) EEST(finnish time)

Newest world wipe was 29.1.2016

None in use